Potato Salad = YUM!

I found an amazing (well several amazing) recipe(s) this past week in the new Better Homes and Garden Magazine. LOVE IT!

Grilled Corn with Smokey Lime Butter

Succotash Salad with Buttermilk-Avocado Dressing

Grilled Zucchini Salad with Mozzarella and Dill

Fresh Vegetable Chips

Herbed Potato salad

The recipe I just had to try was the potato salad. It worked out perfectly because Bear wanted to grill the other night. I took a picture of the recipe and ran to Trader Joes on my way home from work. I got everything I (thought I) needed and went home to make the delicious salad. As we sat down for dinner I made it a point to tell Bear how closely I actually followed the recipe. (It’s now a joke in our family because I am AWFUL at following recipes). I said “yeah, I only substituted one thing. I had to use cottage cheese instead of sour cream.” Bear gave me a skeptical look so I felt the need to explain that we actually had sour cream but it was moldy. So it wasn’t like I forgot the sour cream, it was just bad. (I had actually forgotten the sour cream but I think that is beside the point!) I am bad at just keeping my mouth shut so I continued…”well actually, I did substitute shallots for onions because I misread the recipe and thought it called for a regular onion instead of green onions. I figured it wouldn’t matter and I can’t have raw onion. Oh and then I forgot that it called for fresh herbs, I used dried. Oh and we didn’t have dijon mustard so I used whatever kind we had….um, I guess I didn’t follow the recipe at all! But it tastes great!” haha. I love my husband because he just laughed, took a bite and agreed. It did taste pretty good!