Free Bread = Dinner

We had the most amazing Fourth of July weekend up at our cottage but came home with tons of leftover lunch meat. I was packing all the food and decided to leave some of the bread upnorth for my cousin who would be there next. When we got home Bear sent me a text asking if I had grabbed the bread from on top of the fridge. Being 5’0″ I did not grab the bread on the top of the fridge. I can barely see into the freezer let alone the top of the fridge! 🙂 (At 6’2″ the top of the fridge works just as well as the counter!) I wondered how we would eat two Costco packs of lunch meat without bread…

While at lunch yesterday my coworker came to lunch with a huge loaf of amazing bread. She had 2 more loaves of it at home and was worried it would go bad. She offered it to me and I immediately thought of all the lunch meat we had waiting to be eaten, so I gladly accepted! Once I got home Bear and I made the most amazing sandwhich. Here is the recipe:


gouda cheese (cheese sampler from Costco…Amazing!)

ham (lunch meat from Costco….its also amazing!)



bacon (also from costco…also amazing)

honey mustard

I toasted the bread with the cheese and ham. Then added the veggies and dressing. It turned out so well! I love when that happens with leftovers!

It probably not wise to put up a picture of a half eaten sandwich but I’m going to anyways! It was that good. 🙂