Pancakes and Sass

Stella LOVES pancakes. She requests them most mornings for breakfast and even most days for dinner! She especially loves them with chocolate chips and whipped cream. We usually just buy the store bought mix and make them that way. I have however made homemade pancake mix and had great luck with it. I found a ton of links for the recipe online. Here are a few. Easy Homemade Instant Pancake Mix. Homemade Pancake Mix.

My mom was making pancakes for Stella the other morning. They were hanging out in the kitchen and Stella was sipping on some juice. She was trying to drink out of a big girl cup but it was making my mom nervous. YiaYia kept hovering, just trying to make sure Stella did not spill. Apparently YiaYia was getting in Stella’s face because the next thing you know Stella slowly put her cup down, raised her hand out in front of YiaYia’s face and said sternly, “MAKE THE PANCAKES!”


After eating pancakes the other day at our favorite restaurant, Stella wanted to go look at the books. I told her she could and looked back a few minutes later to this:

breakfast reading

That girl melts my heart! 😉