Just a little giggle for you…

We went to celebrate Easter at my aunt and uncles house. My cousins have an adorable new baby we needed to meet and we all wanted to get together. Right before dinner I decided to use the bathroom. Of course Stella had to come too! 😉 She glanced over at the bookshelf and says “Him silly!” I didn’t know what she was referring to but giggled anyway and said “yeah!” She then tilted her head to the side and said “Him in timeout?” Then matter of factly “him didnt listen to him daddy!”

🙂 I love her!



Stella is hooked!

sleepy stella

I think if you hung out with me for more than 4 minutes you would realize how much I love chocolate. It’s an addiction really. And one I’m ok with having! It turns out that chocolate addiction is genetic because my mom suffers from it as well as my 2.5 year old daughter! We have this favorite breakfast place, The Breakfast Club, who brings chocolate covered strawberries with your bill at the end of your meal. This place is amazing! I almost always eat mine right on the spot but usually Bear likes to take his home. I asked Stella one day if she wanted a strawberry with me, she immediately said “NO” and ran off. I swear 2 year olds don’t even listen to the question once they learn the word no! Well I knew she would want one so I said “What?! You don’t want a chocolate covered strawberry?” She immediately hightailed it into the kitchen and said “i do, i do mommy!” Well the take home container was giving me greif. I could not get that thing opened for the life of me. Not 10 secs after I started struggling with the box Stella yells out in this addict inflicted, high pitched, whine/yell “I NEED IT!” I laughed so hard it took me even longer to get the box open!

In honor of my beautiful daughter and her love for chocolate, it only seems right for me to share this delicious chocolate recipe with you.  We received this as a gift at Bear’s work Christmas party and I fell in love with the recipe.  I found it with a different name online.  The online recipe calls these cookies Cowboy Cookies.  The things that make these cookies so wonderful are the chocolate chips we get from Costco.  They are seriously the best chocolate chips I’ve ever eaten.  They are gooey and melty and chocolatey in the best chocolate chip cookie way possible.  🙂  Enjoy!


Funny Stella Story!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have been so blessed in 2012 and I am looking forward to see what life has in store for us in 2013! Hopefully more laughter like we’ve had lately!

Stella and I love to eat popcorn! We share it as often as we can. I decided it was time for some popcorn and went into the kitchen to make some. She likes to help pour the kernels in the machine so she went to the cupboard and got them out and waited for me by the sink. My job was to get the popcorn machine out of the upper cabinet. I reached up and struggled to touch it. Stella looks over with this adorable concerned face and says “chair mommy, chair??” Haha. (No, I thought to myself, I do not need a chair to reach it thank you! 😉 She cracks me up daily!


Happy Birthday Little One!

Time flies. Everyone use to tell me that when I got older it would go by faster. And when I had kids it would go even faster. I am still baffled by how right those statements are! Our little girl is two years old! It’s amazing how much she has learned over the last few months, let alone the last two years.

She is only 2 and yet she sometimes seems so much older. She wants to help in every way possible. I am so in awe of this girl and her love to serve already. I pray God gives me the knowledge and guidance to show her a lifetime of serving others. One example of her willingness to help others happened this past week while we were camping. We were all hanging around the campfire in our camping chairs. I think the total was 54 people and 3 dogs! So needless to say there were a lot of chairs! Stella was obsessed with a different kid chair then the one we brought. She loved Teddy’s chair. Thankfully that family brought two of the same chairs so Teddy could have one and Stella could have one. Well there was this one boy Elijah who didn’t have a kid chair to sit in. Stella saw him looking around and I pointed to another kid chair near him. He went off to find his own and Stella took off to find him one too. Next thing I know Stella is dragging another kid chair over to where she was sitting to give to Elijah! It was so cute! Too bad Teddy saw this all happen and started walking behind Stella trying to figure out the best way to get his chair back!

She is always eager to help me vacuum (a post all of its own!), wipe the tables, fold laundry, throw stuff away, etc. You name it, she wants to help. And most of the time she actually does an amazing job of helping!

She is just the coolest kid I have ever met (and I know most moms think that about their own kid but its totally true). She makes us laugh so much every day. She is loving and sweet and smart and is just the best! I have been so blessed to be her Momma! I wish her the best birthday she could possibly have and I hope to share many many many more!



How we eat clementines at our house…

Saturday was spent getting stuff done around the house.  We bought a beautiful mahogany table off craigslist that Bear is refinishing.  I’ll hopefully post pics of it soon.  Its so pretty! Ohh I forgot to get a before pic…i’ll have to go get an inbetween pic today after work!

Stella and I entertained ourselves while Bear worked his butt off.  We wandered into the kitchen to look for a snack.  I cut up the last of the strawberries and filled her bowl.  She is a strawberry addict and was looking for more once her bowl was empty.  She ran into the kitchen, pointed at the fridge saying “strawberry, strawberry!”  I opened the fridge and had to tell her we were all out but that doesn’t really work with a 2 year old.  She started to get all upset and tried to climb up my leg to search for herself.  She was slowly losing her mind when I frantically grabbed a clementine in hopes to calm her down.  At this point she was sitting on the kitchen floor with her empty bowl in her lap pouting.  I grabbed another bowl and sat down in front of her and started peeling the fruit.  I put the peels in my bowl and the wedges of clementine in hers.  I made funny noises as I put each wedge in her bowl in hopes to make her smile.  She slowly decided that this was a fun game and started grabbing the wedges out of my hand to put in her own bowl.  Once we were done peeling the fruit she grabbed her bowl and walked into the living room where she sat at the ottomon on her rocking chair and devoured her clementine.  “More, please!” she screamed!  (So cute!) I started to peel another one and she sat back down on the floor and we repeated the process.  She devoured 2 more clementines after that!

Fast forward to last night.  She went to the fridge before bed and started asking for strawberries.  I told her we still didn’t have any and tried to figure out what she wanted.  I finally picked her up and asked her to point to what she wanted.  She couldn’t find the right word and started to get upset.  I thankfully remembered that she probably didn’t know how to say clementine yet so I pulled one out of the drawer and she grabbed it and smiled!   She immediately went to the cupboard, grabbed her bowl and sat on the floor.  I was at the sink peeling the clementine and heard the sweetest little voice call out “mommy, mommy?”  I look down and she was patting the floor where she wanted me to sit!  I am in love with this girl! She is so stinking cute! We pulled apart the wedges and put them in her bowl.  I made the funny noises again and she copied.  Then she ran to the living room and waited for me to get her chair into place! haha.  It was amazing! 🙂

Our girly tomboy!

So this might be one of my favorite pictures of Stella. (Even though she is squinting!)  She is in love with girly things…bracelets, necklaces (even underwear ones), clips, headbands, bows, etc.  You name it, if she can put it in her hair or over her head she will.  She looks so pretty and sweet doesn’t she?

Well this little princess has a tomboy in her.  Bear was sitting on the couch the other day and Stella came running up to him with what looked like something in her hand.  She made a motion like she threw something at him but nothing came out of her hand.  She ran away giggling and he just wrote it off as her being silly.  A good amount of time went by and she came up to him again pointing and laughing.  He kept looking for something but couldn’t find anything.  She kept coming up and laughing, he kept looking and not finding anything.  Finally he reached his hand up into his beard and pulled out an ANT! He looked at her in disbelief and said “You threw an ant on me! Seriously?!”

So Bear tells me this story and I am laughing my butt off, but secretly thinking “Thank goodness she didn’t throw a bug on me!” Last saturday we were hanging out in the living room and she had this small gray fuzz in her hand.  She held it up and looked at me like “ok, what do I do with this!?” I told her to bring it to me and held out my hand.  Well, lets all stop and guess what it was… A rolly polly bug! She puts it in my hand and all I see as I look down are a million little legs waving at me! EWWW!! I threw it up in the air and then realizing that I am trying not to pass along my fear of bugs, I say “Oh, just a little bug.  No big deal. Let’s throw him away.”  (Inside I was screaming “EWWWWWWWWWWWW”) 🙂

Stella is Awesome!

I took Stella shopping with me the other day.  She is a great little shopper! (I’ve trained her well…haha) I usually put her in a cart but we were just going to look for a few things so I let her walk around with me.  We were looking through the clothes racks at Marshalls and she stayed close by looking through the bottom of the shirts as I checked out the top.  She loved running underneath the clothes so she went and did that while I checked out a few cute shirts.  All of a sudden something pink that she was holding caught my eye.  I thought she had knocked down a shirt or something.  I glanced down at her and could not believe my eyes!!  Little tiny Stella, my sweet 20 month old was carrying around a 5lb kettle bell!

My first reaction was oh my gosh! Put that down! I was convinced she would hurt herself.  And then I thought “well, wait, I should get a picture of this!” haha.  My sister and a bunch of friends are big into Crossfit so I immediately wanted to get a pic to send to them! So I got a few good photos and then convinced her we couldn’t carry it around with us and showed her where to put it back.

She didn’t agree with setting it down and tried to run off with it!

She’s going to put it back.

A few minutes later as we were walking by another part of the store she saw the display for a bunch more and ran up to them and tried to pull one of the shelf.  I caught her just in time!  She’s really for Crossfit!

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