After Stella went to bed a huge thunderstorm rolled in. Usually she is a great sleeper but this storm started right after she laid down. A huge thunder cracked and immediately we heard her start screaming upstairs. Bear ran up to calm her down. Bear tried to explain the noise to her but she kept saying “I don’t like it. Don’t want it!” After a little bit she calmed down enough to discuss it!

Stella: is that God (referring to the thunder outside)
Bear: “yeah I guess God makes the noise.”
Stella: “why?”
Bear: “to remind us He’s there”
Stella: “And the light too?”
Bear: “yup.”

They talked a little more and were eventually interrupted by another loud clap of thunder…

Stella: “Him car?!”

Bear: “I don’t know if God has a car. What do you think?”

Stella: “Nah…..Him walking!”

After that she cuddled in to Bear’s shoulder and was ready for sleep!